Photography is always a story of discovering :
people, places, moments, a meal.
Big or small, powerful or tender, simple or complex ;
It’s an instant I embrace or must master, in an ongoing dialogue
that I love or come to love in the end, without exception.

In the moment, it is an essential quest, an uncompromising sense of urgency to try and fit a fleeting personality, a magical place, an exceptional moment into a tiny rectangle of colors. It’s an impossible task, the creative instant when helplessness and passion coexist.

Often, with challenge comes chaos, until the right timing is reached, where natural order takes over creating the image.


- In this moment, I am a photographer -

I often felt that finding a parking spot was the hardest part of being a photographer and that the best photo was always the one to come...
On this website you can view several of these moments, among many, when I was lucky enough to find a parking spot and satisfied with my last shot.